Soft Sweet Bun By Chef Valerie

Due to popular demand, we are opening a 4th class for this workshop - Using the Japanese ‘Yukone’ method with Chef Valerie Kong
Good news! The previous class is fully booked and Chef Valerie has agreed to start a 4th class! Learn how to bake soft sweet bread buns using the Japanese ‘Yukone’ method. This method yields bread that are incredibly soft and slightly chewy and is great for making a variety of buns such as coffee roti, tuna buns, hot dog buns and the popular cranberry cream cheese buns.

Let Chef Valerie guide you through making 6 different buns that you can easily bake at home for your love ones. This hands-on session will cover:-

Coffee Roti

Sweet soft buns with a buttery filling encased in a crispy coffee flavored Mexican topping. These UFO-looking buns not only smell aromatic, they give you that 2in1 ‘coffee and dessert’ fix when you sink your teeth into them.

Tuna Buns

The perfect answer whenever you crave something savoury. A sweet bun dough stuffed with a filling of tuna and mayo, with or without chilli or chopped onions. Shaped round and topped with little black sesames or a sprinkle of herbs, these bake up to beautifully shaped glazed buns.

Hotdog Buns

Little children just love hotdog buns.The sight of them slowly unwinding those spirals of soft, fluffy, sweet bread, savouring every bit of it along the way before they finally get to the sausage in the middle, just make you feel like making them a dozen!

Cranberry Cream Cheese Buns

Attracting queues in bakeries and rave reviews, you will learn all the secrets in making your own cranberry cream cheese buns during this workshop. From how to make it flat yet beautiful, with cranberries studded in between, and of course, how to make that soft creamy, yummy and sweet cheese filling in the center.

Bonus recipes – Nutella Banana Buns and Yam Buns.

Sat Aug 2, 2014
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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